Royale T.A.P.P. Entepreneurs


cedCedric Recato Dy

Core Lead

Royale T.A.P.P. Entrepreneur

We would be glad to assist you every step of the way! 🙂


Lennart Quigao

U.A.E. Core Lead

Royale T.A.P.P. Entrepreneur

John Carlos Penrad

USA Core Lead

Royale T.A.P.P. Entrepreneur

Royale T.A.P.P. Entrepreneurs

(Royale Team Alpha Phoenix Prodigy Entrepreneurs)
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We believe that a group of like-minded people achieves better result with the least amount of effort; that is the reason why we have created the team, Royale T.A.P.P. Entepreneurs!!!

The Team aims to transfer the expertise and share actual business experiences/techniques which would help a new Royale member gain a competitive advantage in this industry. We do that by implementing close mentoring sessions conducted by professional and seasoned marketers.

Truly, Together Everyone Achieves More! (T.E.A.M.)


Yours truly,

Cedric Recato Dy


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Are you an business-minded person who wants to begin your business journey? Yes, we can and we love to guide you on your goal to be become a successful businessperson.

We would be glad mentor you and jump start your business career.

Welcome to our business group, Royale T.A.P.P. Entrepreneurs. “We are Unstoppable!!!”

Royale Experience - 7 years
Marketing & PR - 5 years
Successful Product & Package Deliveries Worldwide- 5 years
Online Consulting - 1 year